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Introducing the Knuffle Snowboard – Where Style Meets the Slopes!

Unleash your winter adventure with our iconic Knuffle Snowboard, a masterpiece crafted for those who seek a unique blend of performance and style on the slopes. This limited edition snowboard measures 157cm, ensuring a ride that's as exhilarating as it is distinctive.

Key Features:

1. Iconic Knuffle Design
Elevate your snowboarding game with a board that not only performs but also makes a statement. Our signature design adds a touch of Knuffle coziness to your winter escapades.

2. 157cm Board: Strike the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability with our carefully crafted 157cm snowboard. Designed for riders who crave precision and control as they conquer the slopes.

3. Round Head Shape: The round head shape enhances your ability to navigate various snow conditions, making each ride smooth and enjoyable.

4. Double Camber: Experience the thrill of double camber technology, where the board's profile features an upward curve at the tip and tail. This design provides enhanced edge control, responsiveness, and pop, ensuring your ride is as dynamic as it is unique.

5. Flex 5: Our snowboard boasts a Flex 5 rating, striking the ideal balance between stability and playfulness. This means you can confidently tackle different terrains while enjoying a lively and responsive ride.

6. Easy on you. Easy on the planet: Crafted with care, the Knuffle Snowboard is made from eco-friendly materials, ensuring a ride that's not only exhilarating but also kind to the planet.

7. Bindings optional. Whether you prefer the familiarity of your own bindings or wish to enhance your ride with the premium quality of Austria brand SP Bindings, the choice is yours. Knuffle’s SP Bindings are available as an optional addition for €179,-.

Make Your Ride Unique! Priced at €499,-, the Knuffle Snowboard isn't just a piece of equipment; it's a statement. The limited edition ensures that you ride the slopes with a board as unique as you are. Stand out from the crowd and make every descent a cozy, special experience.

Embrace the winter wonderland with the Knuffle Snowboard – where style, comfort, and performance unite for an unforgettable ride. Order yours now and make this winter your most unique yet!

*Note: Limited quantities available. Don't miss your chance to own a snowboard that's as exceptional as your snowboarding journey
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Knuffle Snowboard

Knuffle Snowboard

What People Are Saying

Best onesie on the planet!

"Once you try a Knuffle Onesie, there's no turning back. It's soft, stylish, and oh so comfy. Still smooth after washing several times. I've had other onesies, but this is definitely the best onesie on the planet!"

Linda, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Blanket Hug

"The Knuffle Blanket feels like a warm hug. Keeps me warm and feels incredibly soft. Quality and comfort combined. Generous sized. It's my favorite winter essential which I can truly recommend to anyone."

Daniela, Copenhagen, Denmark

Perfect Gift

"I gave a Knuffle blanket to my wife. As it was a gift I ordered the Knuffle Giftbox as well. And it doesn't dissappoint: what a luxury gift to give!! My wife loves the blanket, it’s the perfect gift!

Geert, Hasselt, Belgium

I’m obsessed!

"Luxuriously soft, and they look amazing too. I wear the onesie as soon as I come home. I really feel like a sloth with this onesie. And so I save on my energy bill, too. I’m obsessed!"

Michelle, Boston, United States

My kids live in these onesies!

My kids (13 and 9 years old) live in these onesies. I love the soft colors, the little details in the embroidery, the quality of the zipper, etc. I would like to give 10 out of 10 stars!

Sandra, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

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