Washing Inspiration

"We want to contribute to sustainability and want to inspire you as well to act way responsibly. All big things start with something small. One of the small things is when we talk about washing your clothes... Every day you have a choice: Should you throw your clothes in the wash or hang them back up in the wardrobe? You should be able to enjoy your Knuffle items for as long as possible. That’s why we recommend only washing your Knuffle items when needed and not necessarily after each use."

Our Washing Guide:

1. Wash your Knuffle items at 30 degrees (maximum).

2. Knuffle items do not withstand being tumble dried.

3. Knuffle items do not withstand dry cleaning.

4. Knuffle items do not withstand bleach.

5. It s possible to iron your Knuffle items as long as the iron temperature does not exceed 110 degrees. However, it is not really necessary to iron your Knuffle items.

6. Wash your Knuffle items as infrequently as possible. If it's not dirty, air it out instead.

7. Save energy by filling up the washing machine each cycle.

8. Reduce the amount of detergent and follow the instructions on your detergent’s label.

Any questions about washing your Knuffle items? Reach out by email. We are glad to help you!