Easy on you.
Easy on the planet.

"Because we know how urgent the climate challenges are, we decided to act responsibly with care for people and the planet. We are committed to giving back to people and nature with our "Easy on you. Easy on the planet" program."

1. We use 100% recycled fabrics.

2. We do 100% CO compensation in cooperation with SeaTrees. SeaTrees protects and restores blue carbon ocean ecosystems globally. Kelp, corals, mangroves, seagrass.

3. We use Paperwise and Growing Paper for packing and labels. PaperWise is made from agricultural waste (leaves and stems). The production process from PaperWise is 100% green energy and 100% CO2 neutral. Growing Paper is biodegradable seed paper with a beautiful natural appearance and clearly visible seeds. It is made from 100% recycled paper that is processed by hand into a "seed paper pulp." No chemicals have been added to this, only water. On Growing Paper our message will literally blossom sustainable.

4. We set up a sustainable return program to upcycle used Knuffle items. Send your used Knuffle item return (anytime you want) and receive 20% of your purchase price (as a coupon). See the Returns & Exchanges section for how to send your Knuffle item return.

5. Sloths are doing things a little differently, hanging upside down in the tree and in no rush. They relax and go their own way. This is exactly what Knuffle stands for, and that's why the sloth is our mascot. As we embrace the sloth we support The Sloth Institute. With every sold item we feed a rescued sloth taken care of at the Institute.

6. We want to contribute to diversity and inclusion. Knuffle is entirely genderless. All Knuffle items are equal for every gender and color.

7. To live up to our core values, we found the most passionate and talented designers, fabric-sourcers, and craftsmen to join our team. As a result, every Knuffle item is handmade in Europe by real craftsmen being well paid under good labor conditions.

8. We want to inspire you to save on energy as Knuffle items allow you to turn down the heating and save on energy (and save on your energy bill as well).

9. We offer Washing Inspiration and ask you to reduce the impact of washing your Knuffle items.

10. We want to improve your mental and physical health and make you feel warm, cozy, and secure. We want to let you profit from all the physical and psychological benefits of those huggable feelings.

11. We want you to give and get more hugs, improve your connection with your loved ones, and feel more relaxed.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."